Aztex Trading

Sustainability and Traceability
We are your sustainable productive chain


We produce garments with fabrics from sustainable fabric mills that buy from sustainable fiber companies

We wash and dye garments with the latest technology to save water, chemicals and energy, with minimal or no discharge



Design and Product Development

We have design and product development capabilities with specialized personnel and the latest technology to source the fabrics, pattern making, sample room and washing development area

Full package Manufacturing

We purchase the raw materials, cut and manufacture different types of garments such as jeans, pants, shirts, Tshirts and baby´s wear

Laundry and Finishing

We have washing and finishing capabilities using ecological machinery and sustainable chemicals


Our logistic area can ship to any part of the world


  • Calle Valle del Guadiana 650-1, Parque Industrial, Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico